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Producing Art: Maintaining Creativity in a Wholesale-Centered Business

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I wrote this post back in August when I began to feel really bogged down while trying to finish up the planning for packaging my Fall line. It was mostly a way to work through the frustrations that I was feeling; however, after recently re-reading it several times, I decided that I'd share it because others may find it enlightening, or may find themselves facing similar frustrations at times. I'd love to hear experiences from other creatives or business owners that have faced similar challenges! *   *   * I will admit that one of the greatest challenges I face in my...

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August Event Schedule

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Retailers & Restocks Roundup

Hey there! We're currently working on creating a posting schedule to give everyone regular updates about which new stores will be carrying our products, and which ones we've recently restocked. Since this is our first post, we'll cover most of June, then we hope to go on to more regular updates. Don't forget, you can view a full list of stores that carry our products here, and we recommend you follow us on Instagram and Facebook if you're interested in daily updates! June was an especially busy month over here at the workshop. We have been working really hard on getting...

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New Website Launch!

Hey everyone! You've probably noticed that our website has been down on and off over the past week or so. I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for being patient as we switch our website over to a new platform. We have switched our website to a new host that we think will better suit our needs, and help us to better manage our inventory, and will more accurately reflect our (lower) shipping costs and will allow for customers to more easily select local delivery.Our online store will be up and fully functional very shortly. We will...

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