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Set of Three Bath Bomb Cakes

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Our unique bath bombs are handcrafted in assorted patterns and scents. All of our bath bomb cakes are handmade, effervescent, and contain gentle, sustainably sourced moisturizing oils & butters. We use an emulsifier in our bath bombs to disperse the oils, butters, and colors across the water, so that there is no staining. They average 4 ounces, and come shrink-wrapped in biodegradable film with a recycled paper band with the scent name, and ingredients on a paper square label on the bottom surface.

This is for a set of three bath cakes, pick one scent:

Oats & Goats – Goat's Milk, Honey, & Oatmeal*
Lavender Goats – Goat's Milk & Lavender*
Earth Mama – Goat's Milk, Patchouli, & Clay*
Pink Roses – Goat's Milk, Rose Petals, & Rose Clay*
Lemon Verbena – Goat's Milk, Lemon Verbena, & Calendula*
Goat’s Milk Chocolate - Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Goat’s Milk *
Rosemary Mint – Goat's Milk, Rosemary, Mint, & French Green Clay*

Beach –Bright blue & scented with jasmine and lily.
Sea Island Cotton – Scented with fresh cotton scent.
Sea Salt Spa – Sea Salt with Eucalyptus & Ylang-Ylang Oils

Black Detox Soap – Charcoal & Citrus
Thor's Viking Bath – Sea Salt & Clay, & Charcoal bomb, scented with salty oceans & aged leather
Sage Smudge – Traditional Cleansing herbs, bright mineral-based micas, with Lavender, White Sage, Cedar, & Rosemary*
Unicorn - Shimmery white, pink, blue, and yellow with a touch of sprinkles, scented with sugar & white cake
Love Potion - Pink bomb with Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil & a juicy mix of orange & peach blossom

*indicates no artificial fragrance, just essential oils.

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