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CASTILE Liquid Soap

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Our Pure GEORGIA CASTILE Liquid Soap is handmade from from 100% pure Georgia Olive Oil - and nothing else. Castile soap is known worldwide for its gentleness, and signature creamy bubbles.

This special liquid soap is extremely versatile and its uses include:

-An all-natural gentle body wash, shave, and shampoo alternative without harsh sulfates or bubbling agents.

-A perfect hand soap for your bathroom sink - add just an ounce or two of this concentrated soap to your foaming bottles and fill the rest with water!

-Great as a 'green' cleaning agent for your kitchen & household; this soap is safe for your dishes, counters, and your bathroom.

-Wonderful for bath & body DIYs, or for adding your own essential oils (please note adding certain essential oils can change the thickness or clarity of the soap). Citrus oils are excellent for cutting grease in the kitchen!

-Vegetarian & Vegan friendly - made from Pure Olive Oil farmed locally in Georgia

Contains no phthalates, parabens, detergents, or sulfates, just plant-based goodness.

Each concentrated bottle is filled to 8 ounces and can be used as is or diluted based on personal preference. 


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Potassium Olivate (Saponified Georgia Olive Oil), Glycerin, Sodium Chloride.


As always, we promote the use of the most sustainable ingredients, plant-based oils, only cruelty-free sources (especially of animal-based products), and local sources whenever possible. All of our bottles are filled to eight ounces by weight, and may vary slightly from batch to batch. The bottles are recyclable PET plastic that is essential-oil safe.

All of our handcrafted soap is free from:
Parabens • Sulfates • Detergents • Phthalates • Preservatives

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